Planning permission for Adventure Playground
Planning permission was granted for the adventure playground in Kilburn Grange Park. Start on site is scheduled for 7.12.2009.
erect architecture wins Best Primary School Design Prize
It was a full-speed-steaming-heads Charette day in the beautiful Fulham Palace ... and many proud people at the end: erect architecture and children and parents from Larmenier and Sacred Heart Primary School (Hammersmith) won the best Primary School Design Prize at the Hammersmith and Fulham Schools Design Conference. The original brief was to design a new storage system for the hall. After a discussion and analysis session it became clear that the issues were wider: A solution was needed to resolve the school's restrictions posed by an overbooked hall. The proposal was to create a new sheltered multifunctional outdoor space adjacent to the hall, which can be used for events, lunching, classes, breaktimes and PE. The design was strongly influenced by the mature trees, which dominate the school grounds. The proposals for the built structures were presented in form of drawings, models and sketches ... and weren't the pupils creative in their model building?