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Kilburn Adventure Play Structure - Adventures in the undergrowth

Months ago, I was on site at the Kilburn Adventure Playground, scratching my head over how to draw this behemoth of routes levels and shortcuts. The playground is being refurbished, and this play structure has come to the end of its days; it was built for supervised play, and breaks all the rules for maximum heights and falls. Before knocking it down we had to see if we could re-use and re-design it to be suitable for open public provision. The structure was never drawn 'as-built' as it was constructed using a working physical model and a lot of coordination between APES - the contractor, and Erect. To enable me to refer back to the structure and check my drawings for accuracy I made some photospheres for desk-reference. These have accrued over 50k views on Google in the 12 months since they were uploaded; it is hard to imagine 50k unique visitors to the playspace in one year.

Below you can explore for yourself!

Kilburn Sketch 2

Jack Hardy