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Dover Castle Play Design

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Responding to English Heritage's call for a major new interpretation and play scheme at Dover Castle, Erect Architecture along with Modern Fables and Sennep developed a series play opportunities throughout the castle and grounds to engage families and children of different ages in the unique history of the site. 

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Our narrative for the proposed play challenges followed the classic story-structure of “The Hero’s Journey”, with participants venturing out to achieve a goal, face conflicts and set-backs and ultimately triumph over adversity. The fascinating history of Eleanor de Montfort and the trials she faced with the besieging of Dover Castle in the 13th Century formed the basis of play narrative. 

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Play opportunities of different scales, ranging from small, medium to 'show-stopper' interventions were proposed throughout the castle grounds and in some of the buildings unquie and underutilised spaces. 

2020 – ongoing (Competition)

  • Client:
  • English Heritage


  • Play Safety Inspector: Children's Play Advisory Service
  • Story & Play Design Collaborator: Modern Fables
  • Digital Design: Sennep
  • Lighting Design: Studio Dekka